What is TimeSlips Creative Storytelling?

TimeSlips is an activity designed for persons with dementia to gain a role that they may have lost - that of Storyteller! In having dementia, people experience a decline in memory and in other function, thereby forgetting their experiences or even how to put a familiar story in sequence.

Why is TimeSlips enriching and powerful?

  • Engages the person creatively
  • Offers a healthy challenge
  • Creates a bond among the fellow storytellers
  • Returns a role back to the person

TimeSlips is conducted by a certified facilitator in a group of 10-12 persons with dementia or can be done when partnering with one person. The facilitator gives the same picture to everyone in the group and then starts to ask questions about the picture. “What do we want to say is going on in this picture?” is a common starter. “What do we want to call this person in the picture?” is another.

This works because there are no wrong answers! Storytellers usually draw from memory, but they do not need to remember anything. They live in the moment. Every response, sound, or gesture is written down.

After about 20 minutes, the group has created a story that they are very proud of! For those 20 minutes, they have laughed, have been validated, had control, and have bonded.

I am proud to be a certified facilitator with TimeSlips. The sessions are fun, challenging and very rewarding. I shake each storytellers hand and thank them by name for their contributions. The storytellers are so grateful. It’s amazing what this activity can do for them.

Please visit the archive of stories here. Prepare to laugh with the storytellers and be proud of their abilities!

I am available to bring this to your group setting. Please contact me!

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